04/21/2017 01:55 PM Posted by: Vic Caso

 Green plumbing tips for Earth day 2017


Elon Musk might have his sights set on colonizing Mars, but for all of us who plan to live our lives on Earth, we all should do what we can to protect it.

At TDT Plumbing, we respect our planet’s natural resources by using eco-friendly technologies and offering green plumbing services.

The more people and businesses incorporate these types of green plumbing advancements, the more we can reduce our overall water use and carbon footprint, ultimately helping to alleviate environmental concerns.

Want to do your part to conserve water? Looking for green plumbing tips? These following four technologies are our favorite green plumbing solutions:



Epoxy Barrier Coatings

Repiping (tearing out failing pipes and replacing them with new pipes) is as eco-friendly as throwing trash in a storm drain. We are the central United States’ largest and most experienced epoxy barrier coating team, providing the world-leading patented ePIPE technology for water and pressurized pipe systems to our residential, commercial, industrial, offshore, municipal and government clients. This special type of pipe lining process, less expensive than traditional repipes, uses in-place technology to blow epoxy through a cleaned pipe system or pipe line, which then cures to create a thin yet extremely durable barrier coating inside the pipes. The ePIPE method greatly extends the useful life of the pipes system and serves as effective long-term protection against leaks, lead leaching, corrosion buildup, rusty water and other common problems. If you are a lover of green plumbing solutions, ePIPE is for you. Learn more about ePIPE and watch our videos to see the process in action.



Cured-In-Place pipe is a no-dig pipe restoration technology that uses in-place processes to put a new, strong and seamless liner inside existing pipes without having to remove the pipes. Similar to the above-mentioned ePIPE epoxy coating technology, CIPP is used on various types of drain and vent pipe systems, whether they are vertical or horizontal. This is the most cost-effective, least disruptive and eco-friendly way to vastly improve drain system functionality, as well as prevent common drain system problems, including leaks, clogs and root intrusion. Learn more about CIPP and see the process in action by watching our videos.


Dual Flush Toilets

Save water by switching to one of the most common green plumbing systems: dual flush toilets. Two flushing mechanisms offer different flush options, which lowers water use and lowers water bills.  Dual flush toilets have been found to save a homeowner up to an estimated $99 per year. We provide and install dual flush toilets with intuitive designs, making your home or building more eco-conscious. Please contact us if interested in a quote!


Tankless Water Heaters

These innovative water heaters use gas or electricity to warm the water as it passes through. They lack a storage tank, which means this system takes up less space and is less of an eye-sore. The many benefits include on-demand hot water, less water used, less energy used and lower utilities bills, as a result. Whether you’re looking for a green plumbing solution for your water heater, a way to save money or assurance for always-present hot water, tankless water heaters could be a great addition to your home or building. We provide and install several types of tankless water heaters, so please contact us if interested in a quote!



If you still have questions, please contact me, Vic Caso, to learn more about how we can help!

Vic Caso


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