First LeadSmart Provider in Texas – Check Out Our Limited-Time Promotions!
07/07/2017 11:42 AM Posted by: Vic Caso

TDT Plumbing is excited to announce that we are the first LeadSmart provider in Texas, as well as one of the ePIPE providers chosen to rollout the nationwide LeadSmart launch.

What is LeadSmart?

LeadSmart is the first program of its kind that will revolutionize the way homes and buildings test their water for lead and reduce the lead levels to safe levels. The initial roll out of the program is being done in Southern California, Houston, Florida and in the DC markets. We are proud to be a part of the first program to help eradicate lead contributors from the American water supply system inside and outside of buildings. This unique program is for residential homes and all types of commercial and government buildings, from schools to hospitals to office buildings.


The LeadSmart Process

Detect:  Our certified testers use U.S. EPA-approved equipment and methods to test water coming from the tap on-site. Lead or copper levels are read in minutes, so we can provide our customers with real-time data about their water. Then, based on the test results, we conduct a thorough review and analysis of the potable water supply piping system and fixtures on the property.

Recommendations & Remedy: Should lead levels exceed the EPA guidelines for lead (15 ppb), we identify lead contributors, which include lead solder (often used with copper pipes), galvanized steel pipes, bronze fittings, brass fittings, lead fittings, lead fixtures and lead flux.  The solution can range from simply replacing non-compliant lead fixtures, fittings, etc., to applying the patented ePIPE epoxy barrier coating process to the potable water piping system.

Certification: We provide a LeadSmart Certificate of Compliance when the home or building is tested in compliance to current EPA guidelines for lead (15 ppb or less).

Insured Protection For You: LeadSmart testing services are backed by an industry-first $1 Million Errors and Omissions Insurance program.


Our Special Promotion for Residential Customers:

We care about our community and our customer’s water quality.  That’s why we are offering a discount on lead testing and LeadSmart certification for our residential customers when they choose a whole-house ePIPE restoration. Normally a $400 value, we are offering this service for only $200 for a limited time! Contact us soon and mention this promotion to learn more.


Our Special Promotion for Commercial Customers:

For a limited time, we are offering FREE lead testing and LeadSmart certification to all commercial (non-residential) properties when they choose the ePIPE restoration process for that property. Take advantage of this limited-time offer by calling us as soon as possible and mentioning this promotion.




Please contact me, Vic Caso, to learn more about LeadSmart, our limited-time offers or how we can help solve your piping challenges!

Vic Caso                                                         



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