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TDT Plumbing’s Cured-In-Place Pipe Technology was put into action at the San Jacinto Monument last month and was able to rehabilitate a deteriorated main sanitary sewer drain line system.

Houston, Texas, April 1, 2011: The San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site holds a significant responsibility to preserve the proud history of the State of Texas and the United States. The famous Battle of San Jacinto that brought Texas its independence was fought on this site. Because of the great importance of the Battle to the course of history, the Battleground is of state, national and international significance, a fact that is attested to by the site’s National Historic Landmark status. The San Jacinto Monument was constructed between April 21, 1936 and April, 21 1939 as a memorial to all those who fought to win the independence of Texas.

As is the case with any historic infrastructure, it has finite performance expectancy, and this was the case with the main sanitary drain line system consisting of 315 feet of four and six I.D. cast iron pipe. The system was experiencing waste backups and blockages due to internal pipe corrosion and deterioration. What made this project even more challenging is that about 140 feet of this sanitary sewer pipe is buried inside the reinforced concrete base of the monument. A conventional open cut / excavation and pipe replacement repair was not an option.

Working in conjunction with Baine Medina Baine, TPWLD and Boyer, Inc. TDT Plumbing was able to design, develop and implement a Cured-In-Place Pipe lining strategy that rehabilitated the existing 315 feet of sanitary sewer drain line system without the need to disturb the reinforced concrete base of the monument. The project was completed over several days and more important, the San Jacinto Monument never had to close or inconvenience the daily visitors. To find out more about TDT Plumbing’s Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining Technology visit or contact us at 713 697 2088.

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