Re-Pipe Alternatives| Epoxy Spin Casting (Semi-Structural)

Small diameter pipes are not the only pipes that experience low flow or leaks. Large diameter pipes are often buried beneath hardscapes, and require large, intrusive trenches to install a pipe replacement. Epoxy spin casting restores, repairs and renews corroded piping systems through pipe lining without the costly expense and disruption of traditional pipe repair and replacement.

The Triton Technologies Epoxy Spin Casting process enables TDT to restore water mains, fire lines, and larger diameter water supply lines in place quickly and cost effectively, with in-place pipe lining.

Commercial & Industrial

Trenchless technology has created an alternative to large diameter pipe replacement. With this new trenchless technology we are able to repair damaged sewer and drain pipes without having to excavate or damage your commercial property. The greatest advantage to this method is that the epoxy spin casting can structurally epoxy line multiple angles and provides the option of only lining the area in need of repair.


Many municipalities are in a constant battle of repairing old city water mains. Epoxy spin casting can aid in the rehabilitation effort improving the carrying capacity of the pipes, without affecting the output. It repairs and protects metal and cement-based pipes by centrifugally casting 1 to 5-plus millimeters of a solvent-free, protective coating to the interior surface of the pipe.

How it Works

Triton Pipelining - Epoxy Spin Casting

TDT utilizes Triton Technologies epoxy spin casting product to restore large diameter pipe. Contact us today to learn more about this product and TDT’s installation process.

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