Plumbing Design

A poorly designed system can mean the difference between performance versus system leaks, pinholes, line pollution and other system problems. A well-designed plumbing system can save hundreds in maintenance costs.

Our strength is the ability to work with a project team and provide working CAD drawings and advisement on practical consequences of product decisions and design options. TDT Plumbing utilizes CAD software to draft domestic water plumbing systems, construction plan drawings, natural and LP gas piping, design development and construction plan drawings, and as-built specifications, coordination and shop drawings.

Our qualified and experienced designers create plumbing 2D drafts, piping 2d drafts, plumbing modeling and piping modeling. Our CAD output conveys information, such as plumbing materials, connection type, schedule, fitting class, default lengths, flange type, processes, dimensions, and tolerances, according to the project-specific standard. We review all drawings and specifications for the purpose of advising on on-site conditions, plumbing material alternates, plumbing system construction feasibility, and the associated costs of materials and labor.

Our CAD and mechanical plumbing design is not solely limited to new builds. Many of our clients restore existing structures and find it cheaper to redesign the plumbing system rather than to use the existing system. We have also designed systems that retrofit to older pipe and plumbing designs. We can design a full plumbing system, or solely the gas lines, sewer lines or water line systems. In restoration projects, we use our pipe forensics to map out pipe locations if no blue prints exist. We then use CAD working drawings to determine the best possible design for maximizing plumbing efficiency.

5TDT Plumbing / ePIPE George R. Brown Convention CenterHouston Texas
Oct 18 - 19, 2017
11:30 AM - 05:00 PM
Stop by the TDT Plumbing / ePIPE booth, booth number - 733, and learn how we can fix any plumbing issues your facility may have.
Why Repipe? Avoid the mess, and fix pipes "In-Place" using ePIPE. ...

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