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Well-designed Plumbing Systems Minimize Maintenance

New construction plumbing and restoration plumbing projects actually have a lot more in common than you think. A systems’ function, whether new or old, ultimately comes down to the design. If a plumbing system is poorly designed, the result is often plumbing failure, low flow, leaky pipes,and water contamination. In certain situations, a failed plumbing system as a result of poor design can cost more to fix than the initial system installation. A well-designed plumbing system can save both time and money in the long run over costly maintenance and repairs.

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Restore Your Aging Building or Facility Pipes

Broken pipes and sewer pipe lines can cause expensive damage to your business. Customers and tenants notice leaks, pipe corrosion, pooling water, low water flow and water stains. You know those hard to find pinhole leaks, corroded air conditioning drainpipes, or broken pipes exist, but you want to avoid temporary shut-downs, lost customers and profits.

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Repair Your Leaky Pipes With Little Intrusion

When a water main break or water leak happens in the city streets or at a public facility, people tend to notice, especially if it interrupts their routine. At TDT Plumbing, we understand the importance of a municipality to keeping things running smoothly and with limited intrusion. That is why we specialize in helping our clients with "In-Place Pipe CIPP"  and pipe replacement services for water main break or other pipe point repairs.

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We’re the Guys You Call for the Tough Plumbing Fixes

And just because they’re tough plumbing fixes, doesn’t necessarily mean they will be expensive. The good news about TDT Plumbing is we start where traditional plumbing stops. What does that mean? It means we take an analytical decision approach to your residential plumbing problems, pair it with our experience, Master Plumbers and state-of-the art technology to provide you with the best possible solution.

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