Restore Your Aging Building or Facility Pipes

Broken pipes and sewer pipe lines can cause expensive damage to your business. Customers and tenants notice leaks, pipe corrosion, pooling water, low water flow and water stains. You know those hard to find pinhole leaks, corroded air conditioning drainpipes, or broken pipes exist, but you want to avoid temporary shut-downs, lost customers and profits.

Generally, the older the plumbing system is, the more an upgrade will benefit the operational efficiency of your commercial plumbing or industrial plumbing. If a building is 35 years old, the amount of deferred maintenance, including the need for replacement with more modern fixtures and piping, probably has grown to the point where operational costs are much higher than the cost of a repair.

TDT Plumbing provides commercial plumbing and industrial plumbing project management, pipe location, pipe investigation, testing, cleaning and safe, economical, and non-disruptive pipe restoration and pipe repair of building and facility plumbing systems. We restore pipes right within the walls, without tearing them out via repiping. Homeowners, the US Military, hospitals, universities, major hotels, resort facilities, apartments and industrial facilities have used the revolutionary pipe restoration and pipe repair technology we utilize.

Before we conduct any plumbing repair work we thoroughly analyze the client’s situation and system. We look at any problem with an analytical eye, to recommend the most effective solution for the repair. As such, we provide a variety of commercial plumbing and industrial plumbing services to complete our diagnosis.

No plumbing repair job is too big or too small for TDT Plumbing to provide the service you expect. We are equipped to handle small tenant improvement projects to full facility design and restoration.

TDT Restores Pipes in a Variety of Settings

  • Condominiums
  • High-Rise buildings
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels & resorts
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Offshore Rigs
Memorial City Plaza | Houston, TX
The office building was suffering from failing galvanized pipes that restricted water flow, expelled rust-colored water and extensive corrosion throughout the system. The building was 100% occupied and a complete plumbing repipe was not feasible. TDT Plumbing utilized our advance repiping services to fix the system with minimal intrusion.

Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) | Perma-Liner
Cured In-Place Technology renews the original pipe without expensive digging or disruption. It utilizes a seamless liner that eliminates joints, which increases flow. The liner molds to the host pipe, stops leaks and root intrusion and can span "void" pipe sections.