Locating As Built Pipes

The plumbing pipes in a facility are conveniently hidden away underground or in the walls and ceilings. And that's a good thing, except when you have a problem or want to add new fixtures, piping systems or make repairs.

In the past, as-built pipes were located using the "best guess" method, often resulting in needless destruction to the facility. Today, we employ a number of pipe location technologies to find and inspect hidden pipes.

TDT Plumbing utilizes closed circuit TV camera inspection and below ground pipe inspection services to locate as-built water, natural gas and sanitary sewer line pipes. Our pipe location and pipe inspection equipment enables us to trace the path of pipe from above ground or from the exterior of a wall to find the pipe position without digging or excavating.

We provide our clients with a pipe location map that show as-built pipe locations, elevations, and changes. We highlight any pipe location if different than what’s shown on the original or approved construction plans. TDT Plumbing’s as-built location reports also contain all updated information including standards, code details, utility sheets, and data tables.

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