We’re the Guys You Call for the Tough Plumbing Fixes

And just because they’re tough plumbing fixes, doesn’t necessarily mean they will be expensive. The good news about TDT Plumbing is we start where traditional plumbing stops. What does that mean? It means we take an analytical approach to your residential plumbing problems, pair it with our experience, Master Plumbers and state-of-the art technology to provide you with the best possible solution.

We’ll spend the time to talk to you about your issue and really listen to what’s been happening in your home to find the root cause. We won’t just come out to your house and do the quick and easy fix if it means that it won’t really solve your residential plumbing problem.

For instance, are you experiencing low water pressure in your home? How about rust colored water coming out of the tap? Or, maybe you’ve had a hard time figuring out exactly where your pipe leak is originating. We offer various methods for leak detection and repair.

Then, there are those of you who already know your home plumbing system has aged to the point of needing pipe replacement and you are looking for some various solutions for the easiest, most cost effective and efficient method. You’ve come to the right place. TDT Plumbing is the Central United States largest and most experienced in-place pipe restoration team. We have successfully completed numerous advanced projects and implemented thousands of hours of in-place pipe restoration technology in boom-build homes, vintage homes and historic homes throughout the state of Texas.

When traditional residential plumbing solutions don’t provide you with the answers to your problem, give us a call at TDT Plumbing in Houston or Austin.

Sugar Land Home | Sugar Land, TX
A homeowner noticed a growing black spot on the ceiling of their home’s master bathroom. Once the owner’s insurance agent was contacted and testing was completed, the presence of mold was confirmed. Upon further inspection, the source of the problem was determined to be a leaky pipe in the attic near the water heater. TDT Plumbing utilized ePipe to restore the system and protect the home from future mold producing leaks.

Epoxy Coating | Ace DuraFlo /ePipe
The epoxy coating provides a barrier coating to the existing system, eliminating future corrosion and erosion in all metal pipe systems. The system offers a 10-year warranty and will protect the restored system for 75 years or more. This is an ideal application if abatement is a project concern.