Mold Problems

Mold likes to live in damp places. And one of its favorite places to develop is bathrooms, where humidity looms. The biggest sign you may have mold living in your bathroom is the continue presence of a mildew smell. Different plumbing issues could cause mold, including:

  • Leaky water pipe
  • Leaky toilet
  • Broken fixtures

Mold can be a serious issue. If you leave the problem untreated, the mold could keep growing and spreading, causing health issues for you and others in your home.

Possible Solution: Pipe Inspection

Before a solid solution can be determined, you need to determine the cause of the moisture. Before a solid solution can be determined, you need to pinpoint the location of the leak. TDT Plumbing uses hydrostatic and other pipe inspection testing methods to pinpoint any corroded pipes or leaky water pipes under your house causing mold problems. Our pipe inspections help us assess any plumbing problems and conduct testing without severely disrupting you or your home. Once the leak has been detected, we can provide you with leak repair options. Once the cause of moisture has been located, we can provide you with repair options.