Natural Gas Pipe Leaks

Gas leaks are a major hazard in any home. Never try to repair gas leaks. However, if possible, do shut off the gas. If you notice a gas odor in your home, vacate the premises and contact the gas company and TDT Plumbing to come and diagnose the leak. Indications of a gas leak include:

  • A rotten egg smell
  • If you hear a hissing sound
  • A presence of carbon monoxide in the home
  • Headaches, dizziness, tiredness, nausea

Possible Solution: Pipe Inspection

Before the leak can be contained, we need to investigate the natural gas plumbing system. TDT Plumbing uses air testing to inspect pipes to pinpoint any leaks in the gas lines that may be enabling gas to escape. Once the cause of the gas leak has been located via pipe inspection, we will repair the leak. Repairs to natural gas systems can be performed conventionally or rehabilitated using the ACE DuraFlo Patented ePipe process.