Plumbing repairs are the last thing on your mind

It takes a drip, leak, or worse for plumbing to get your attention. That’s a good time to know TDT Plumbing. From proper installation to periodic maintenance or even emergency repairs, TDT Plumbing helps keep plumbing off your mind 24 hours a day.

TDT Plumbing: specialists you can trust

houston plumbing repairsWhether it’s a planned project or an unscheduled emergency, our plumbers arrive on time with what they need to fix most issues in a single day. Plus, TDT plumbers are highly trained, licensed, and treat you like a neighbor—because you are one to us.

TDT Plumbing installs, repairs and maintains:

  • Water heaters (Tank or Tankless)
  • Showers and tubs
  • Shower pans
  • Drain cleaning
  • Garbage disposals
  • Gas line repairs and gas tests
  • Water line service & repair
  • Sewer Camera

TDT Plumbing Up-Front Pricing

TDT Plumbing gives you peace of mind right from the start with up-front pricing. That means the price you approve is the price you pay. Best of all, we stand behind our work with the TDT Plumbing Satisfaction Guarantee. Isn’t that what you really want from a plumber?

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