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Rooted in client satisfaction, accuracy, and years of industry experience, TDT Plumbing is a Houston plumber that many know and trust. From ePipe restoration to trenchless sewer repair, we’re versed in numerous fields. Thanks to our varying degrees of competence, we’re equipped to assist Houston residents with their commercial and residential needs. When a clogged drain, faulty faucet, or leaking pipe rears its unwanted head, allow our team of seasoned Houston plumbers to mitigate the issue with one of the following services.

Residential Repiping
If your pipes are aging, corroded, or clogged, it can cause irreparable damage and costly repairs. Low water pressure and insufficient hot water are other side effects of old, damaged pipes. With our repiping services, we provide durable solutions that promise peace of mind.
Commercial Services
Poor plumbing can be the kiss of death for commercial buildings. Keeping tenants and property owners safe is of paramount importance, making it crucial to replace deteriorated pipes and outdated water systems. With our helping hands, we identify problem areas with ease, allowing you to maintain a safe space for occupants.
Water Heater Replacement
If your water heater is on the fritz, don’t neglect the problem. Otherwise, you’re liable to compromise your home’s efficiency while spending a pretty penny on repairs. With our secure inspections and thorough methods, you can rest assured that you’ll receive optimal results.

Our Houston Plumbers are Experts

Fortunately, these are only a few of the areas we specialize in. Leak detection, pipe coating, and water testing are some of our other strong suits. With our vast know-how, we address and remedy issues promptly and professionally, taking the stress and hassle out of these affairs. Reap the benefits of our ever-expanding knowledge when you make us your go-to Houston plumber.

Why Choose Us as Your Houston Plumbers?

Preferred for our reliability and competence, our Houston plumbers deliver superior solutions that exceed expectations. It’s for this reason why our services are so highly sought-after. In addition to being diligent, we also never skimp on quality. It’s this unmatched work ethic that’s armed us with years of industry success. In essence, if you’re looking for world-class plumbers who put a premium on customer service and attention to detail, look no further than us.

What Our Customers Say about Our Houston Plumbers

Much like the services we provide, our clientele is dynamic and top-notch. According to our valued customers, we offer exceptional services at fair rates. Clients also find comfort in knowing that we deliver rapid, long-lasting solutions. With our well-oiled operations and commitment to client satisfaction, you’ll feel confident in our services.

We’re Just A Phone Call Away

If you reside in the Houston area and require an experienced Houston plumber, give us a call at 713-697-2088. We also have an online form that you can fill out here.