ePIPE Pinhole Pipe Leak Repair

TDT Plumbing’s ePIPE Pinhole Pipe Leak Repair stops leaks and protects you from harmful lead and copper. The ePIPE system goes in fast and typically doesn’t require opening walls. It carries a 10-year warranty protecting your home against future leaks. ePIPE even extends your restored pipes’ life expectancy by 75+ years.

ePIPE Pinhole Pipe Leak Repair is often used in commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and apartments. The process has even been used industrial settings across North America. ePIPE Pinhole Pipe Leak Repair from TDT Plumbing has many advantages over traditional pipe replacement.

Until 20 years ago, the only effective long-term remedy for rust corroded, leaking galvanized steel or pinhole leaking copper small diameter piping was repiping your whole system. This meant living with dirt, noise, and several weeks without water.

ePIPE Advantages:

TDT Plumbing Pipe Restoration Solutions

  • ePIPE epoxy coating process effectively seals pre-existing pinhole leaks. This eliminates any future corrosion in all metal pipe systems. The epoxy coating system offers a 10-year warranty protecting the restored system for 75 years or more.
  • PEX Repiping puts lower water pressure, rusty water, and worst of all: pinhole leaks in the past by replacing your pipes with long lasting PEX pipes. Best of all, we can get it all done in 3-4 days.
  • Trenchless Sewer Line Repair – Cured In Place Pipe Repair from TDT Plumbing renews original pipes with minimal to zero digging. It gives you the similar structural characteristics as a schedule 40 PVC pipe.
  • Cured-In-Place-Pipe Repair uses a seamless liner that molds to the existing pipe, stopping leaks and root intrusion and increasing flow. Cured-In-Place-Pipe Repair can span “void” pipe sections.
  • TDT Plumbing leak detection and repair specialists bring experience gained in hundreds of pipe restoration projects in both residential and commercial settings to end your leaking pipe issues once and for all.

TDT Plumbing Makes It Easy

TDT Plumbing solves pinhole leak problems for homeowners, business owners, property managers and tenants in less time with less inconvenience. We conduct ePIPE Pinhole Pipe Leak Repair in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, College Station, and other Texas cities, ePIPE, an affordable, effective repiping alternative. TDT Plumbing repairs and restores pipes within the walls, without having to tear any piping out.

Relief from corroded and leaking pipes starts here

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ePIPE is Certified by NSF

US based National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has tested and certified ACE DuraFlo’s recent addition to its potable water lining materials. ePIPE, FRS cures in a fast 2 hours and is certified for use under NSF’s Std 61 regulation for immediate return to service when in contact with drinking water in pipes having an internal diameter of ½” and larger. Approvals have also been granted from the UK’s Secretary of State for England as well as approvals covering Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for in-situ application to both private and public water supplies. The 2 hour cure product is ideal for projects that require water service to be returned the same day. ePIPE, FRS is formulated to be applied as part of the patented ePIPE process.

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