Pinhole Leak Repair Options

The sad truth: as pipes age, pinhole leaks are inevitable. The key is catching leaks in their early stages to prevent a leaky pipe and the resulting damage to your home. TDT Plumbing offers a choice of repair methods including ePipe Restoration and PEX Repiping.

Why pinhole leaks happen

Contrary to popular belief copper and galvanized piping doesn’t last forever. The life expectancy of either copper or galvanized steel pipes depend to a great extent on the acidic or basic pH of water in your region. Due to changing water chemistry, failure can occur in as little as two years. The fact is, our water has become more aggressive towards the copper and galvanized piping.

The lifecycle of pinhole leaks

Internal pitting corrosion of pipes leads to the formation of pinhole leaks. A pinhole leak is actually, a final breakthrough event of the progressive attack of pitting corrosion on plumbing. What’s worse, your plumbing system may have significant damage by pitting corrosion, but not have pinhole leaks.

Signs you may already have a pinhole leak:

  • Water bills that seem unusually high
  • Running water sounds when nothing is in use
  • Spongy, soft, or discolored walls
  • Musty odors from floors or walls
  • Excessive condensate under floors
  • Water dripping through ceilings or wet spots on floors

Leak detection is the beginning of pinhole pipe repair

Before we can recommend a repair, TDT Plumbing leak detection specialists need to pinpoint your leak’s location. This enables us to assess the severity of your leak and recommend pipe restoration or PEX Repiping—without disrupting your home.

The second best time for pinhole leak detection

Need service now? Click here. The best time to find a pinhole leak is before it happens. The second best time is right now. TDT Plumbing leak detection and pinhole leak repair specialists are on standby, ready to help. Call (713) 697-2088 now. Or, fill this out and one will follow up shortly.