Trenchless Sewer Repair: quicker, cleaner, faster

Root intrusions, industrial damage, breaks, and cracks can all result in sewer line problems. In most cases, your sewer lines run under a slab, hardscaping or extensive landscaping. That makes the only thing worse than the leak itself is digging a trench to perform the repair. TDT Plumbing has a better solution: No-Dig Trenchless Sewer Repair. It’s quicker, cleaner and more affordable.

What is trenchless sewer repair?

Trenchless Sewer Repair allows TDT Plumbing to perform partial or total pipeline repair or replacement minimizing tunneling, concrete breakout, digging up the old pipe or tearing out floors. Because trenchless sewer repair leaves a smaller footprint, repairs are possible with reduced disruption to your home or business. TDT Plumbing repairs or replaces broken or clogged pipes using the appropriate process for your project.

Cured In Place Pipe Repair

Cured In Place Pipe Repair (CIPP) is the fastest method of trenchless sewer and drain repair TDT Plumbing offers. It can often be completed in as little as a few hours to a full day for multiple pipe repairs. CIPP can reduce infiltration and leaks in pipelines without the need for digging.

How Cured In Place Pipe Repair Works

TDT Plumbing inverts and pulls a resin-saturated polyester tube into a damaged pipe from an access point. The tube is then inflated, allowing the resin to harden within the walls of the pipe, giving the pipe a new, long-lasting lining. Little to no digging is required for cured in place pipe repair. Watch Cured In Place Pipe repair in action.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting is preferable where pipes are degraded beyond the capabilities of Cured In Place Pipe Repair. The benefit of this process is that it leaves you with a brand new, stronger sewer line. Typical residential Pipe Bursting projects are completed in a single day.

How Sewer Pipe Bursting Works

Two holes are dug to access either end of the affected pipe. A specially designed bursting head is pulled through the existing sewer line. As it travels along, it breaks away the old pipe while pulling along a brand new pipe in its place. The result: a new pipe where the old one was—all without digging a trench.

Don’t trench. Call TDT Plumbing.

These methods are proven effective, saving homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars while preserving lifestyle and landscaping. Contact TDT Plumbing to discuss if Trenchless Sewer Repair is right for you. A TDT Plumbing Specialist will respond promptly to discuss your project.