Why repiping is a thing

Most homes contain, copper pipes, galvanized pipes, or zinc-coated iron pipes. As they age, your pipe’s lining erodes, triggering the formation of rust. When this happens, you begin to experience low water pressure, leaky pipes, rust colored water or a polluted smell. Worst of all, this is just the beginning of bigger problems. Repiping sooner saves you money.

If it isn’t possible to effectively remove buildup or reverse the scaling process on galvanized pipes, or zinc-coated iron pipes, scaled pipes, another option is repiping.

Repiping benefits you two ways

TDT Plumbing repiping uses high performance chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) or PEX pipes to replace your metallic pipes because they protect against corrosion, scaling or leaching. Not only that, you’ll enjoy two important benefits: improved water quality and water consistent flow throughout the life of repiped systems.

Repiping and Restoration

It’s possible TDT Plumbing can restore your pipes rather than repipe. Using the time-tested ePIPE process, TDT can repair aging pipes from the inside without the complication of repiping your entire home. Often times, in aging homes, combining repiping with restoration provides a more cost effective and long lasting plumbing repair solution.

Repiping and Restoration starts here

Contact us now. A TDT Plumbing pipe repair expert will follow up to learn more about your issue and schedule an evaluation.

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