Repipe Alternatives

TDT’s in-place pipe restoration systems are the most cost effective way of restoring corroded and leaky pipes in most settings. These innovative, patented pipe restoration systems are currently utilized in commercial buildings, hospitals, schools & universities, apartments, condominiums, industrial settings and homes across North America.

Many advantages exist in favor of in-place pipe restoration over traditional pipe replacement including:

  • Extensive reduction in client inconvenience
  • Dramatic reduction in project duration
  • Workmanship and product warranties that exceed all replacement warranties by 8-10 years
  • Zero to minimal wall, floor or ceiling intrusion
  • Minimal to no reconstruction necessary
  • Life expectancy extension of the restored pipes by approximately 75 years
  • Safer and healthier potable water

The products we represent are state-of-the-art, 21st century plumbing technologies and are uniquely matched for best performance to meet your particular needs.

Epoxy Coating - Ace DuraFlo /ePipe: The highly acclaimed e-PIPE epoxy coating provides a barrier coating, effectively sealing any pre-existing pinhole leaks and eliminating any future corrosion in all metal pipe systems. The epoxy coating system offers a 10-year warranty and will protect the restored system for 75 years or more. This is an ideal application if abatement is a project concern.

Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) — Perma-LinerWithout expensive tunneling or trenching of high value landscape, Cured In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Technology renews the original pipe with minimal to zero disruption to daily operations.  CIPP offers the same structural characteristics as a schedule 40 PVC pipe. It utilizes a seamless liner that eliminates joints, which increases flow. The liner molds to the host pipe, stops leaks and root intrusion and can span "void" pipe sections.

Epoxy Spin Casting (Semi-Structural): Epoxy Spin Casting is ideal for eliminating the need for the repiping of large diameter pipes. A specialized rig is used to apply the epoxy pipe lining.

TDT Plumbing Specialists are the Central United States largest and most experienced in-place pipe restoration team. We have successfully completed numerous advanced projects and implemented hundred of in-place pipe restoration projects in both residential and commercial applications.

Have question about repipe alternatives? Contact TDT Plumbing today.

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