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Leak Detection

There are several factors that can contribute to pipe failure - pH of water, chemical composition, delivery pressure, water temperature, or the age and material of the pipe. The intent of pipe testing is to identify those domestic, drain or sewer pipe lines that are failing or defective.

TDT specializes in leak and pipe obstruction investigation and detection. At TDT Plumbing we utilize use an analytical approach to determine which of our various pipe location and inspection tests is right for your specific job. TDT Plumbing’ tests vary from a pneumatic test ball, a visual test, a leakage test, a low-pressure air test, infiltration or exfiltration test, or a pipe deflection test.

Our visual tests we use state-of the art cameras and inspect the line using CCTV. While pipe leakage tests, whether for air or water leakage, may also be taken via hydrostatic testing or down pipe smoke testing. With TDT Plumbing’s pipe inspection tests, we can help you determine the cause of your leaking pipe.

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