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Inspect Pipes Behind Walls or Underground Without Excavating

Low water flow. Pinhole water leaks. Discolored water. Clogged pipes. You know a problem exists, but you’ve had little luck accurately pinpointing the small leak in your pressurized and non-pressurized plumbing systems. That is where TDT Plumbing can help. TDT Plumbing inspects pipes to pinpoint any water, natural gas, chemical, condensate, storm, or sewer lines that may be corroded or leaking that need repair. We utilize below ground and behind wall pipe forensics to detect the source of a leak or determine if failing materials, design, fabrication or operating conditions caused the plumbing issue.

While determining the root cause of failure can be very complex, our experienced staff of technicians and Master Plumbers are knowledgeable in multidisciplinary pipe testing, location and pipe analysis techniques to help you with pipe inspection to find a solution to your problem. At TDT Plumbing, we use an analytical approach to determine which of our various pipe inspection tests is right for your specific job. TDT Plumbing uses a variety of testing including pneumatic test ball, visual tests, leakage tests, low-pressure air test, infiltration or exfiltration test, or a pipe deflection test. Each test has its own specific methods.

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