Assessing Your Buildings Plumbing Problem

Low water flow. Pin hole leaks. Discolored water. Clogged pipes. You know a problem exists, but you’ve had little luck accurately pinpointing the small leak in your in pressurized and non-pressurized plumbing systems. That is where TDT Plumbing can help. We conduct plumbing assessments with little, if any, disturbance to your facility or plan. This assures you that there is no time loss and no wasted profit during our plumbing system evaluation.

Our highly experienced plumbing technicians utilize a variety of techniques to inspect your system and provide you with a detailed report of plumbing problem areas and a comprehensive analysis of your plumbing system.

At TDT Plumbing, we utilize use an analytical approach to determine which of our various pipe tests is right for your specific job. TDT Plumbing’s pipe tests vary from using pneumatic test ball, a visual test, a leakage test, a low-pressure air test, infiltration or exfiltration test, or a pipe deflection test. Each test has its own specific methods.

Whatever your plumbing problem, TDT Plumbing will thoroughly assess and analyze your situation and system to not only find the root cause, but also provide advice on the most cost effective and efficient solution.