Closed Circuit TV Pipe Forensics

CCTV, or closed circuit television camera inspection, is an advanced technology TDT Plumbing utilizes for leak detection and isolation testing. In a short time, our customers are provided with visual documentation of every square inch of the inspected pipe. Through the use of closed circuit TV we are able to:

  • Visually inspect pipe walls and liners
  • Investigate unexplained flow conditions
  • Locate debris and partial blockages
  • Inspect pipes near a known leak
  • Locate lost line valves
  • Search for illegal connections
  • Screen for obstacles or laterals
  • Assess internal corrosion on metallic pipes

Down-Pipe Smoke Testing

TDT Plumbing utilizes smoke testing (low pressure vapor testing) when the source of the leak is concealed or cannot be located by any electronic means. Down-pipe smoke forensics is another tool for our leak detection and isolation testing. It can show where water and gases exit a system. Any sign of smoke escaping can be considered a possible site for these elements to escape from the line. Smoke testing requires no plumbing work for set-up and allows you to test the total system under normal usage conditions. All traps are left in place so their water seal can be tested.

Smoke testing is a great testing method for restaurants where rotten traps under floor sinks and floor drains often tend to exist. We also use smoke testing to inspect HVAC systems, tanks and or anyplace where water testing is not appropriate.