Do you ever feel like your sinks and drains take forever to empty? Or detect a foul odor coming from them? It might be time for a good deep cleaning, but chemical drain cleaners can damage pipes and are only sometimes practical. So how do you freshen up your drains without resorting to harsh chemicals? We’ve got the answer! Keep reading to find out simple, natural solutions that will help make your home healthier, safer, and smell better with minimal effort.

1. Prepare The Drain:

Taking the time to properly prepare the drain before undertaking any plumbing work is essential for a successful job. Drains can quickly become blocked with debris or dirt buildup, which can cause many problems. Clearing out any obstructions is straightforward; you only need to ensure no objects are stuck in the drainpipe and then use a brush or plunger to clear away any dirt or sludge. While this task may seem small, it is an essential step for ensuring better pipe performance and fewer problems down the line.

2. Boil Water:

Boiling water is a practical, low-cost solution for dealing with clogged drains. Getting the job done requires just two things: a pot of boiling water and gravity. Heat your pot and pour it slowly down the drain – the force of gravity will help clear away whatever clog lies in your pipes. You should exercise caution when dealing with hot water as it can be hazardous to skin and objects. However, organic clogs such as hair or grease are no match for this tried and tested method.

3. Baking Soda & Vinegar:

Both baking soda and vinegar are natural substances that don’t contain harsh chemicals and can be used to clean various surfaces around the home without producing toxic fumes or leaving behind residues. Combining the two to create a cleaning solution is an easy and effective way to tackle dirt and grime while keeping your family safe from harmful chemical exposure. The mixture of baking soda and vinegar can easily be used on countertops, bathtubs, floors, walls, windows, and appliances like microwaves and stoves; even better, it easily cuts through grease! Nature’s powerful cleaners are all you need for a safe and clean home environment.

4. Plungers:

Plungers are many households’ favorite go-to plumbing tool when tackling minor clogs—the most common types of plungers, hand plungers, and force cups. When using a plunger, make sure there is enough water in the sink or tub to cover the cup of the plunger. Put the plunger directly over the drain and pump it vigorously until you feel the pressure building. The plunger’s suction will create enough pressure to help remove the blockage from your pipes. Do not use harsh chemicals that can corrode your pipes and cause more damage – use a plunger instead!

5. Use Enzyme Cleaners:

Taking the time to clean your pipes can help stop clogs and backups from forming. By using an enzyme cleaner, you’ll be able to make sure your plumbing stays healthy while also avoiding costly plumbing repairs! An enzyme cleaner is one of the best ways to keep your pipes running smoothly as it breaks down organic material such as soap scum, hair, and grease before they can build up and cause problems. You only need to pour the enzyme cleaner directly into a sink, shower, or tub drain, let it sit overnight, and then flush it out with cold water. Do this once a month for optimal performance of all your pipes that might otherwise start corroding due to mineral deposits and other materials.

6. Prevention Is Key:

When it comes to drainage maintenance, prevention is indeed key. Taking proactive steps like putting strainers over your drains, running hot water after each use, and avoiding pouring grease down them are easy yet important measures. These precautions help reduce the chance of a clog forming in your pipes since straining out large particles, washing away small bits of debris with hot water, and stopping oil buildup can significantly reduce obstruction. Ultimately, taking these preventative steps can save you much unwanted stress in the future!

Call a Trusted Plumber

If your drain smells and the DIY methods of cleaning aren’t working, it may be the right time to call a trusted plumber. At TDT Plumbing, we help you maintain your plumbing season’s health. Call us today!