Residential plumbing problems are every homeowner’s nightmare. Solving a plumbing related problem can be costly, however, with a little maintenance and attention you can avoid most residential plumbing problems. Here is a curated list of plumbing maintenance and care tips that can come in handy and save you time and money:

  1. Say no to grease Grease is the number one problem in pipe clogs. Accumulation of grease in large quantities can block waste-water from draining into sewer lines, creating an even bigger headache. So, the best practice is to avoid pouring grease down the sink.
  2. Throw away flushable wipes It’s a known fact that flushable wipes can cause sewer backups. Use them sparingly or don’t flush them at all!
  3. Stick to traditional toilet bowl cleaning methods  When it comes to clearing sinks and toilets, stay away from using harsh chemicals like Draino to clear blockages. While this may be an effective means of clearing your drain, the chemical reaction creates heat and produces gas which can soften PVC pipes and corrode older, metal fittings, caulking, and seals.
  4. Locate the main water shut off switch  The worst time not to know where your water main shut-off valve is, is when you have a pipe failure. Find it and make sure all of your family members know where it is located and how to turn it off. Switching off the main supply can prevent further damage and help keep a check on the affected area.
  5. Frequently monitor your water heater   Water heaters require maintenance that prolongs their service life. Here is a blog we wrote on just that topic. Go to the blog article
  6. Keep a tab on the health of your sewer lines  Older homes are especially vulnerable to root intrusion in sewer pipes. Slow drains or frequent toilet backups are often an indicator of sewer trouble. An inspection of the sewer lines will ensure that everything is working correctly and there is no blockage. TDT uses video cameras to inspect underground pipes for breaks and roots. We have innovative ways to repair pipes that do not require digging up slabs or your yard.
  7. Monitoring the water bill  A consistently high water bill can be a sign that you have a pipe leak coming from the main water supply. Pooling water in your yard and heavy mold and mildew in kitchens and baths also tell a story of leaking pipes. Paying attention to these warning signs can prevent big damage to your home.
  8. Trust a reliable plumbing expert Finding a plumber during an emergency makes homeowner’s wallets vulnerable to high cost and marginal workmanship. You don’t have time to compare companies – you just turn to the company who can come and fix your problem quickly. TDT Plumbing has been maintaining and repairing residential plumbing problems for over 20 years. We are forensic pipe specialists and we often save homeowners thousands of dollars with our smart solutions. Our expertly trained technicians have your best interest in mind. We’ll create a personalized long-term plan that works for your family and your budget.

The pipe experts at TDT Plumbing are ready to tackle any plumbing problem from a sink clog to a whole house pipe refurbishment. We’re exceptional solution providers for homes with older pipes. We have unique solutions that other plumbing companies don’t have like our patented pipe-lining technology, ePIPE. For clean water, awesome water pressure, clear drain technology that works for busy households, call TDT today. (713) 697-2088.