Commercial Pipe Repair Solutions

Commercial pipe repair solutions now have options for repairing leaking potable water lines, industrial wastewater pipe, broken sewer lines or pipe transmitting natural gas.  There are a number of choices for non-invasive pipe coating and lining technology applications.  

TDT Plumbing is well known for its expertise in rehabbing pipe with in-place pipe and no demolition pipe restoration for residential applications. We think it’s important to share how we can address the same kinds of problems for commercial and industrial pipe.  While it’s not new technology, the processes are not widely known among Plant and Rig Maintenance Managers.

Over the last 20 years, we helped pioneer the Ace DuraFlo patented epoxy pipe coating pinhole leak ePIPE™ technology which has been in use successfully in many hotels, restaurants, hospitals and schools. Best case commercial use for ePIPE™ is repairing leaking domestic copper or galvanized pipe water lines in single-story and multi-floor public commercial structures where demolition and displacement of residents or occupants are critical considerations. These are also long-term solutions, not band-aids.

Plant and Facilities Managers Have Additional Choices

When replacement isn’t an option for repairing leaking potable water lines, industrial waste water pipe, broken sewer lines or gas lines, we have a number of choices for non-invasive pipe coating and lining.  The Picote Brush Coating System™ cleaning and lining technology is something every Building and Facility Maintenance and Repair Manager should know about. 

Picote technology is a great option for large commercial or industrial applications for a number of reasons. Plants that transmit caustic or flammable materials benefit by not having to weld pipe. There is no spark and no flame with application. 

Taking a facility out of operation or displacing people or equipment that occupy these spaces to do repairs with traditional pipe replacement can take weeks and months, is disruptive, costly and something plant and building managers dread. 

Picote Brush Coating System™ technology can be a resource to:

  • Industrial Manufacturing Facilities
  • Oil and Gas Refinery Facilities
  • Drilling Platforms
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Large Commercial Ships
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Dams

The coating is resistant to rust, high temperatures, chemicals, and pressurization. It’s a solution when CIPP installation isn’t possible due to multiple bends and inaccessible reinstatements. Descale, degrease and coat all in one process. It’s also best used in larger pipe sizes where a blown-in application like ePIPE™ isn’t a viable solution.

How Does Picote Work?

Picote is a relatively new technology and the Picote Brush Coating System™ is manufactured by Picote Solutions, Inc. It is applicable to all non-potable and wastewater applications for pipe diameters between DN50 (2”) and DN300 (12”) for clay, concrete and cast iron pipes and DN32 (1 ¼”) and DN300 (12“) for copper, steel and PVC pipes.

Epoxy coatings have long been characterized for anti-corrosion, anti-erosion, and, a way to seal the inside of lines and prevent leaks, contamination and leaching of metals such as lead into drinking water. The Picote process finds its niche in pipes of diameters which are too small for lining, using the CIPP process or too big for a blown-in application such as ePIPE. A video camera is used to monitor the coating process and inspect the project end-to-end.

Recent TDT Picote Projects:


NASA’s problem was grease in domestic water lines in the cafeteria. With the help of Picote technology, TDT was successful in restoring lines quickly without demolition and with minimal disruption to the high use employee amenity. 

South Texas Project Nuclear Power Plant

TDT rehabbed a 4-inch domestic water pipe at the South Texas Nuclear Power Plant, a nuclear power station southwest of Bay City, Texas. It consists of two Westinghouse Pressurized Water Reactors and is cooled by a 7,000-acre (2,800 ha) reservoir, which eliminates the need for cooling towers. Safety of application is most definitely a consideration in any plant maintenance here. 

Podcast on Picote

Listen to our Picote Podcast for more information on industrial pipe repair. Listen to “What Is Picote Coating

About TDT Plumbing:

Serving the Houston metropolitan area for over 25 years, TDT performs maintenance and repair on domestic water supplies, sanitary sewer lines and industrial pipe.

We are one of the few commercial plumbing companies that can serve the oil and gas industry and commercial ships. We are TWIC certified, certified payroll ready, ABS certified and safety trained for plant and rig operations. We can mobilize quickly in an emergency or shut-down situation.

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