Project Type: Commercial — Medical Facility – Pipe Restoration

Location: Houston, Texas

Description: Ben Taub General Hospital has garnered the respect of the world as an elite Level 1 Trauma Center, one of only two in the Harris County area. The 650 licensed-bed acute care facility is one of the nation’s busiest trauma centers, caring for over 100,000 emergency patients each year.


The hospital’s eight and fifteen inch I.D. sanitary sewer drain line system was
experiencing frequent blockages and back-ups due to a longitudinal crack along the eight inch line. As an added problem, a previously abandoned manhole was pushing debris into the fifteen-inch sanitary
sewer drain line. The biggest issue for the hospital was determining how to repair the line while keeping the sanitary sewer system in operation 24/7.


The Operations Manager contacted TDT Plumbing after learning about its Cured-In-Place Pipe restoration technology. He knew that a conventional open cut repair / replacement was not an option due to the logistics of the pipe and the fact the sanitary sewer system had to remain in operation 24/7. After assessing the problem, TDT Plumbing designed and executed a rehabilitation plan that required the fabrication and installation of an eight and fifteen inch I.D. x 140 foot long polyester needle felt liner saturated with a resin. The design strategy involved keeping the sanitary sewer in operation while repairing the damage with a CIPP Liner installation.

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