Helpful Holiday Plumbing Tips

Holiday plumbing tips can save you from unnecessary stress. Each holiday your home is likely to be filled with guests. While family and friends are one of the best parts of the holiday, it’s inevitable that you’ll have a plumbing emergency at the most inopportune time.

Holiday plumbing mishaps include clogged garbage disposals, backed-up toilets, and water heater failures. Here are quick plumbing tips to get you through this busy time, how you can avoid potential plumbing problems, and when to call the TDT Experts.

Running Out of Hot Water

Do you have a tank water heater? To have it functioning as it should is essential during the holidays, just as much for cooking as it is cleaning and bathing, which will increase if you are expecting guests. To prevent running out of hot water, be sure your water heater is pre-serviced and kept at a bit higher temperature to help the hot water last longer.

Disposal Hack

Food is the key to holiday gatherings and the last thing you want to happen is a garbage disposal clog when you’ve got a pile of dishes.

You can help prevent tough clogs, and major headaches by knowing what is safe to feed your disposal. In order to prevent severe damage, you should avoid bones, eggshells and fruit pits — as well as cumulative cloggers such as oils, fats, potato peels and coffee grounds. It’s very easy to remember, “When in doubt, throw it out!”

Incorporate Mindful Flushing

Gatherings and family reunions are the most favorite part of holidays. Make sure houseguests are advised of bathroom guidelines to avoid stubborn toilet clogs. Just because you wouldn’t flush something, doesn’t mean your guest won’t. The older your home, the more important it is to impart this information.

You can prevent these clogs by leaving a small garbage bin next to your toilet, so your guests won’t feel tempted to flush foolishly. You can also consider keeping your toilet lid shut to keep medicine bottles, soap bars and other small toiletries from slipping in. And please don’t forget to always keep a plunger nearby!

Happy Plumbing Means Happy Holidays

While preventative maintenance is the key to preventing holiday plumbing disasters, you should still know who to call in case of an emergency. TDT Plumbing experts are equipped to fix any plumbing emergency and are Houston’s best resource for pipe problems.  We’ll give you fair pricing, excellent service and want to earn your trust. Your home is your biggest investment, and we want to help you keep it running smoothly by repairing a small problem like a clog, to a total repipe to fix systemic pipe failures. We’re standing by!

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