To say that the Houston Texas pipe freeze was unexpected and unprecedented would be an understatement. The experience was nothing short of a nightmare for many families. Frozen pipes, along with loss of power and heat, was how the ordeal began. The situation got worse as the temperature increased. Next were broken pipes, leaks, flooded homes, and substantial damage to the home’s interiors. 

As Texas families are busy getting things on track, it’s crucial to remember that such disasters can strike anytime. Being prepared is critical, and if you haven’t given your home’s plumbing a serious thought, now is the best time to start.

A Better Alternative to Pipe Replacement

About 20 years ago, traditional pipe replacement meant noise, dirt, and going without water for several days or even weeks. It also meant that you would have to open walls and tear the piping out during this process. The good news is that today there is a better, cleaner, cost-effective, and long-term solution available to handle your plumbing issues. That solution is called ePIPE.

What is ePIPE?

ePIPE is an epoxy coating technology. In the ePIPE process, the inside of the pipes is coated with a two-part epoxy resin. Doing so seals and hardens the inside of the old pipes. In the ePIPE process, segments are isolated, so the epoxy resin coats every remote connection, leading to a permanent solution to the plumbing problems.

ePIPE makes pipes better than new, prevents corrosion, and is quicker and more convenient than traditional re-piping. ePIPE comes with an assurance of zero to minimal floor, wall, or ceiling intrusion to your home. 

ePIPE gives you safe and potable water and gives you protection from harmful copper and lead. It comes with an unmatched ten-year product warranty. With ePIPE, the life expectancy of restored pipes can increase to more than 75 years.

How ePIPE Can Stand Strong Against Damage and Pipe-Borne Impurities

When a freeze is imminent, many homeowners drain the domestic water pipes. The intention is to prevent the water from freezing so that the pipes do not cause a leak, burst, split, etc., subsequently. 

However, when the domestic water piping system is recharged, it loosens up the rust or corrosion debris that eventually travels to different downstream locations. Components like faucet aerators or angle stop valves can get clogged to various degrees. In some cases, it can completely restrict the water flow at the faucet. If the pipes are treated with epoxy resin, such issues will not occur as the pipes’ insides would be renewed. 

Sometimes frozen pipes can develop pinhole leaks. Along with corrosion, pinhole leaks can cause significant low water flow problems. In such cases, ePIPE is an excellent option compared to a re-pipe

Whether it is a metal pipe like a galvanized steel or copper pipe or even a plastic pipe, ePIPE can accommodate all piping types. 

What TDT Plumbing Offers You

We understand how difficult this time has been for homeowners, and we’re working hard to support and help you recover from the pipe freeze. At TDT, we believe that now is the time to look and prepare your home for future “what if’s?”, so it doesn’t face the inconveniences we experienced as a result of the freeze. It’s time to carefully consider and choose a solution that works best in the long term. 

While ePIPE is an excellent solution for a pipe freeze, we understand how each situation is unique and may need a unique solution. Sometimes a repipe is necessary or a hybrid solution where some pipe is replaced and some pipe is treated with ePIPE.In  such cases, we can replace the damaged pipes and ePIPE the entire system. 

TDT Plumbing can help you with ePIPE and other re-piping and plumbing restoration options best suited for your needs. Contact us at (713) 697-2088 or contact us to know more about our services. We’re happy to help!