Houston Water Conservation

Houston water conservation is the topic of discussion every summer. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released the Spring Outlook for 2021. Its predictions are something we must all look at very closely.

The Spring Outlook states that nearly half the country is experiencing moderate to exceptional drought conditions, and it’s expected that these conditions will continue and expand. NOAA expects the spring drought to affect approximately 74 million people. It could be the most significant U.S. spring drought since 2013.

Several factors have contributed to the worsening of the drought. The failure of the Southwest heavy summer monsoon rains is one reason. Another reason is due to a La Nina cooling parts of the central Pacific, which contributed to bringing dry weather for much of the country. (NOAA, 2021)

The Impact of the Drought

The Southwest U.S. is the hardest-hit region. It is experiencing widespread severe to exceptional drought. Forecasters predict that the drought conditions will worsen and expand in Florida, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Colorado, and South Dakota. (Nexstar Media Wire, 2021)

The Risk of Flooding

NOAA is forecasting only small amounts of minor and moderate flooding this year. It is predicted that all areas have a less than 50% chance of major flooding, which is a first since 2018. It’s a major change from the past years when millions of people were affected due to severe flooding.

How the Drought Impacts Us

A widespread and prolonged drought means that water supply will be affected in drought-affected areas. As a result, water cutbacks will be almost inevitable in areas of the Southwest. Houston water conservation is key to keeping our water supply available when we need it most. 

Water is a precious resource. Even a small increase in temperature or decrease in precipitation in an arid region can threaten natural systems and society. Droughts also contribute to increased wildfires and pest outbreaks, and these can damage local economies. (EPA, 2021)

How Water Conservation Helps Tackle Droughts

When dry weather conditions persist for a long time, it can significantly strain the water supply. This is why it is critical to understand how drought and water conservation are closely linked so that you can make better decisions about water use.

A water conservation plan is created to address long-term water use efficiency. On the other hand, a drought plan is a short-term one designed to address the need due to climatic conditions. Both are essential nonetheless and help in achieving your water conservation goals.

How to Conserve Water

Water is essential for our health, work, and the environment. Small changes in our routine can lead to significant savings for both water and money. Conservation is the easiest way to ensure the state has adequate water for future growth.

Here are some tips from Take Care of Texas.org to help you conserve water:

       Ensure that you are watering your yard efficiently to maintain a healthy landscape. The key to watering a lawn is watering infrequently yet thoroughly.

       Collecting rainwater for landscape use can help conserve water and save money. In addition, rainwater is better for plants than chemically treated water.

       Replacing older fixtures with new, water-efficient fixtures can help you save water and money without compromising performance.

       In Texas, household leaks could waste more than 90 billion gallons of water each year. However, leaks are easy and inexpensive to fix, and doing so can reduce your water bill by 10%. In addition, checking your plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems regularly can help detect and repair leaks early.

What TDT Plumbing Offers You

At TDT Plumbing, we believe that now is the time to look and prepare your home for the future “what if’s?” so you can avoid facing any inconveniences. It’s time to carefully consider and choose solutions that work best in the long term.

Whether it’s leak detection, repiping, or choosing the right components for the plumbing system, TDT Plumbing will help you make the right choices. We’re committed to helping our customers save water, money, and time and contribute positively to their water conservation efforts.

Call us at (713) 697-2088 or contact us to know more about our services. We’d be happy to help.

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