Also called epoxy pipe coating, ePipe restoration is one of the most cost-effective ways of dealing with plumbing issues. However, just like any other plumbing service, it still does require you to invest some money in your home. Learning about costs beforehand can help you decide if epoxy pipe coating is right for you.ePipe Restoration

How ePipe restoration Works

Epoxy pipe coating can be a great solution when you have broken or leaky pipes. This plumbing technique works by coating the interior of your pipe with a two-part epoxy coating. Your plumbing technician will empty your pipes, blow in epoxy resin, and let it cover any leaks, holes, or loose connections. The epoxy coating cures to essentially create a new, leak-proof pipe inside of your existing pipe. 

ePipe restoration is popular because it is affordable and faster than traditional methods. To fix a leaky pipe the traditional way, you need to open up your walls or foundation, remove old pipes, and insert new ones. Meanwhile, epoxy pipe coatings skip the stressful, costly process of having to remove old pipes and then cover up giant holes in your walls or foundation.

Averages Costs for ePipe restoration

How much money can you save with epoxy pipe coatings? An epoxy lining costs between $80 to $250 per linear foot. These costs include everything from labor to materials. Ultimately, the typical epoxy pipe coating job will cost a few thousand dollars. This is far cheaper than replacing all your pipes the traditional way, costing up to $15,000.

Epoxy pipe coating costs vary because many factors go into a quote. Of course, a big job with longer pipe lengths will cost more simply because it requires more materials and effort. Your existing pipes also affect costs. Certain materials like PEX or copper may require extra steps to prepare them for the epoxy coating. The overall condition of your pipes further impacts costs. If there are blockages or other issues, these need to be resolved before the coating can be applied.

How to Find Affordable ePipe Restoration

If you want to try epoxy pipe coating but are worried about costs, there are a few things you can do to keep costs low. First, you must consult a professional as soon as you suspect a leak. Plumbing problems worsen over time, and if you delay, you might need bigger and costlier repairs. It is also helpful to look for plumbers that offer special deals. Many companies offer financing options that help you avoid the need for any large payments upfront.

Ultimately, epoxy pipe coating can be an affordable and convenient way of dealing with pipes. Contact our team to get a free estimate if you’re considering epoxy linings for your home.