Stop by the TDT Plumbing / ePIPE booth, booth number – 733, and learn how we can fix any plumbing issues your facility may have.

Why Repipe? Avoid the mess, and fix pipes “In-Place” using ePIPE. The patented ePIPE process provides a solution for slab leaks, pinhole leaks, and the reduction of lead leaching from lead pipes and lead contributors. The process involves restoring pipes in place, with an application of an epoxy barrier coating resulting in a restored epoxy lined piping system that minimizes or in some cases eliminates destruction to walls, floors, ceiling and foundations. With the fastest return to service in the industry, in most cases, you will have water back on the same day.

As an industry leader and technological innovator, ePIPE products meet local, national, and international standards as well as the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) 61 approval for drinking water. ePIPE is UPC listed and IPC compliant – providing an effective, clean, safe and, most of all, a healthy solution for piping failures – bringing you pipe restoration services for corroded and leaky pipes.

ePIPE LeadSmart program includes onsite water testing services for lead, a remediation action plan and certification of compliance for lead in drinking water. The LeadSmart Lead Protection Plan provides multiple levels of protection aimed at reducing lead leaching from plumbing components. The program offers peace of mind by testing, identifying and bringing properties into compliance with the US EPA guideline for lead contamination that results from the leaching effects from plumbing system components. A leadSmart Certificate of Compliance is issued when the property is tested in compliance to current EPA guidelines for lead leaching.

LeadSmart water testing services are backed by an industry first – a $1 Million Professional Errors and Omissions Insurance program.

Lead in drinking water is not just about lead pipes. Properties built before 1986 likely contain “lead contributors” such as leaded solder used to join copper pipes and high lead content fixtures.

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