Master Bath remodel planning is key to the success of your project. Renovating your bathroom can ensure that it is well-equipped to serve the needs of your family for years to come. Depending on your budget, you can choose to go for a modest makeover or a complete remodel for your bathroom.

Have you been looking to beautify your bathroom but didn’t know where and how to begin? Here are some master bathroom remodel planning ideas to help you get started.

Things to Consider

It would be best to consider these key factors when renovating your master bathroom to prevent the unexpected. Making a comprehensive work scope with a budget is your starting point. What you change in one place will impact the rest of the plan. Last minute changes also add to the bottom line as well as delay completion. This is even more so if you have enlisted the help of a general contractor. One single point of contact for your project means unplanned situations and circumstances are managed with expert control.

Design Elements

Paint: Previously, glossy or satin wall paint finish was a popular choice for many. Today, manufacturers are producing specialty paints in matte finishes. These paints are formulated with antimicrobial additives and thus give protection against mildew and moisture. (This Old House, 2018)

Lighting: The proper lighting can improve the mood and functionality of any space, and a bathroom is no different. Recessed or surface-mounted lights work well to improve functionality and aesthetics. For instance, adding recessed lights around the mirror to give additional lighting when shaving or applying make-up.

Flooring: When choosing the flooring, ensure that the tiles have matte finishes or textured surfaces. Do not choose tiles that have a slick surface. These can be a slipping hazard and dangerous for people stepping out of the shower.

Upgrading the Amenities: While the aesthetics are important, choosing the right infrastructure to support new amenities plays a huge role in how the master bathroom functions.

Faucets: The faucets in the sink, tub and shower are the most visible hardware. Choose a design that’s ergonomic and easy to use. You can choose to have a single knob for rotation-based temperature control or separate knobs for hot and cold water. Choose the style and finish of the faucets that compliment the overall design and look of the bathroom. (Kitchen Expressions, 2020)

Sinks: Choosing a sink affects the amount of counter space and storage that is needed. A pedestal sink is ideal for small bathrooms as they have a slim silhouette. However, they don’t provide much counter space and storage. Vessel sinks offer storage but limited counter space. On the other hand, if you have a large bathroom, you could use a vanity sink that provides storage and counter space.

Toilets: The traditional, floor-mounted toilets are easy to maintain and replace. Toilets can be a simple flush, or they can provide multiple flushing options as well as water conservation features. Also known tongue in cheek as the “throne”, don’t underestimate the power of a modern toilet. Motion activated toilet lids, touchless flushing, bidet functionality and deodorizing are just a few upgrades that can ellevate  your bathroom experience.

Showerheads: If you’re replacing your showerhead, choose one that is long-lasting and meets your needs. There are several showerhead style options to choose from, like moveable handheld units or fixed units with adjustable flow settings. When remodeling, do keep factors like pressurization and engine placement in mind. A good option is a low-flow showerhead that pumps out less water and can help in significantly reducing your water usage. (Fournier, 2021) A high-end shower head or multiple shower heads can transform hygiene into a spa-like experience.

Drains: The most popular type is the pull-stopper drain that makes it easy to fill the sink with water. However, these drains can get stopped and clogged easily due to hair. Built-in hair traps in drains to prevent clogging are a great way to battle potential overflows.

Bathtubs: A bathtub is considered a luxury by many, and if you choose to add one in your bathroom, getting the size right is crucial. Bigger is not always better. Selecting a small bathtub takes up less space, uses less water, and is easier to clean.

Know Before You Go (Pun Intended!)

A renovated bathroom that’s aesthetic and functional adds value to your home. It’s all about balancing visual appeal, comfort, and functionality.

It’s also vital to incorporate the best plumbing solutions while planning your master bathroom remodel. At TDT Plumbing, we believe in giving our customers options so that they can choose plumbing solutions best suited to their needs.

What TDT Plumbing Offers You

Whether new construction or remodeling,  choosing the right components for your project is key. TDT Plumbing will help you with reliable and long-lasting plumbing solutions. Call us at (713) 697-2088 or contact us to know more about our services. We’re happy to help.

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