PEX or Copper – Which is Best for a Home Repipe?

If your plumbing system needs updating, you are likely to face the choice between a PEX or copper for a repipe. Ideally, the first thing that comes in mind is the cost, but before you make a decision, you should be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages associated with each option.

The PEX Basics: PEX is a popular option for home and business plumbing. This durable, versatile, high-density plastic piping offers many advantages over other materials. These flexible, durable pipes are designed to reduce the risk of leaks and are resistant to temperature extremes. One thing to keep in mind, PEX is only an indoor piping solution as it degrades when exposed to UV light.

And most importantly Repiping with PEX costs less compared to copper and plumbing with PEX is quicker and easier.

The Copper Basics: Copper is a very durable material for plumbing applications and decades we know that high-quality copper pipes can last more than a hundred years, and they can be used both for indoor and outdoor applications.

Copper pipes will not burn in case of a house fire, and they are resistant to corrosion. Unfortunately, copper is an expensive material.

PEX or Copper Comparison

Both materials have their particular advantages and choosing between copper and PEX will depend on several factors.

PEX piping is flexible and requires fewer fittings and connections. This means that the installation will require fewer wall openings and there will be less chance of leaks.

PEX is also resistant to chlorine and scale, which may be a factor in certain areas of the country with a hard, chlorinated water supply. It is also resistant to cracking at extreme temperatures, which could be a factor if your winter temperatures frequently fall below freezing.

On the other hand, copper is considered to be the standard of high-quality plumbing. Although it costs more than PEX, copper has delivered a consistent plumbing performance for hundreds of years. When a copper repipe is completed correctly, you should have decades of problem-free performance.

But before you decide between copper and PEX, you will need to consider the type of water in your area, the structure of your home, and its construction.

These factors always provide a good indication as to which material is the right choice for your home. Although cost is likely to be a factor, it is worth speaking to a professional repiping plumbing specialist to assess the benefits and make an informed choice.

TDT Plumbing offers a variety of plumbing restoration options for home and business. PEX repiping is one. ePipe Restoration is another. We believe in giving you options. That’s why we provide both a PEX Repiping estimate and corresponding ePIPE estimate at no charge to you.

About Using ePIPE for a Repipe 

Many homeowners are not aware they have another choice when it comes to a repipe. ePIPE is fairly new technology that refurbishes metal pipes back to a standard that equals new pipe. ePIPE has a life-span of up to 70 years. ePIPE also does not require wall demolition which in itself is a cost-savings as well as not having to do demolition to get to the pipes. It is patented and used in commercial, historical, and structures where water quality is paramount like hospitals and schools.

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