School Pipe Leak Repair with Minimal Downtime

One school pipe leak is a headache, but when there are more than one it’s a crisis situation. On top of that, there was a concern for drinking water quality. St. Mary’s Cathedral in Amarillo discovered pinhole leaks that were ruining plaster and causing mold to grow. With school quickly approaching, they needed a fast solution.

TDT’s ePIPE came to the rescue and we were able to take a job that could have been months-long with significant demolition and disruption. There was no permeating dust, no mold dispersed. With pipes in place, we cleaned and coated them with ePIPE, an epoxy coating that renews and refurbishes pipes back to new functionality. Even more important, the patented process keeps drinking water safe from possible lead leaching.

ePIPE can be used in many applications from schools, churches and multilevel housing without disruption and displacement of students, tenants and residents. It’s like having a miracle solution as our friends at St. Mary’s Cathedral discovered.

It’s time to be sure. Let us inspect your pipes to create the best possible, least disruptive, demolition free solution for your pipe leak problem. The health and well-being of our children should be first and foremost in the solution.

Lead Leaching

How Long Does ePIPE last?

ePIPE can add as much as 70 years to the life of your existing pipes. That’s a significant savings over repiping. Want more proof? Here are some of ePIPES awards and accolades. ePIPE saves millions of gallons of water per year.

Pinhole leaks are one of the nation’s leading causes of water loss.  The American Water Works Association estimates that approximately 5 to 10 percent of American homes have water leaks that can drip away 90 gallons a day or more. ePIPE patented leak protection technology restores piping in-place, preventing pinhole leaks from occurring, saving millions of gallons of water per year.  In California alone, it is estimated the ePIPE installers save nearly 14.5 million gallons of water annually with the application of the ePIPE process and technology in potable water piping systems.

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