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Sewer Drain Line Restoration Methods

A sewer drain line is a vital part of the plumbing system. This is the pipe that carries wastewater away from a residence or business. The wastewater can come from various sources, such as toilets, showers, and sinks. If the sewer drain line becomes clogged, it can cause severe problems for the property owner. This blog post will discuss the different restoration methods and why choosing the right one for your needs is essential.

Causes of Sewer Line Damage

Sewer drain line damage is often caused by tree roots, corrosion, or ground movement. Tree roots can grow into the sewer line and cause blockages. While corrosion can weaken the sewer line and cause it to collapse, ground movement can damage the sewer line and cause it to crumble.

Sewer lines can also get clogged due to debris or foreign objects. Flushing items like paper towels or wrappers can cause the sewage lines to get blocked. If cooking oils and grease are poured into the sink, it could clog the pipes.

What Are the Signs of Sewer Line Damage?

Many signs can indicate sewer drain line damage. It’s essential to know the signs of sewer line damage so that you can take professional help and prevent further damage.

Some of the signs of sewer line damage include slow drains, bad smells, and backups. If the sewer line is close to the surface and there is a pipe breakage, water will begin to pool quickly, becoming visible on the surface. In some cases, you may even smell the sewage before it surfaces. A flooded or foul-smelling yard is another sign of a broken sewer line.

A damaged or broken drain line causes water damage to the property. If mold spreads on the walls or the property floor, it could signify a damaged sewer line.

Sewer Drain Line Restoration Methods

The first thing to consider when choosing an option to restore the sewer drain line is the severity of the damage. The type of damage will also dictate the type of restoration method that you use.

If the sewer line is damaged beyond repair, you will need to use traditional sewer line replacement methods. This option is expensive and invasive as it would involve digging up your yard to reveal the broken or damaged lines.

Today various trenchless sewer repair methods are quick and affordable. Trenchless sewer line repair is a minimally invasive process that can often be completed in a single day. This method requires no digging and minimal disruption to your property. One such option is Cured In Place Pipe Repair.

Cured In Place Pipe Repair (CIPP) is one of the fastest trenchless sewer and drain repair methods. It can often be completed in as few hours to a full day for multiple pipe repairs. CIPP can reduce infiltration and leaks in pipelines without the need for digging.

In this method, a resin-saturated polyester tube is inverted and pulled into a damaged pipe from an access point. The tube is then inflated, allowing the resin to harden within the walls of the existing pipe, giving it a new, long-lasting lining.

It is crucial to choose the proper sewer drain line restoration method for your needs to repair your sewer line properly. If you are unsure which way to use, you should call a professional plumber. They will be able to assess the damage and recommend the best course of action.


eDRAIN Technology

What eDRAIN Offers You

For over 20 years, the focus of the eDRAIN program has been the development of “in-place” pipe restoration technologies. By placing an epoxy impregnated liner inside the drain line or spray lining the inside of the pipe, eDRAIN essentially creates a new pipe inside the existing drain line. The eDRAIN program repairs and restores drain lines “in-place,” resulting in less mess and less stress.

No matter which method you choose, hiring a professional plumbing company is vital to completing the job. Attempting to repair or replace a sewer line on your own can further damage your property. It can also be dangerous if you do not have the proper training or experience. Hiring a professional plumbing company will ensure that the job is done correctly and that your sewer line is properly repaired or replaced.

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