Smart Home Plumbing Advances Personalize Water Use

Smart home plumbing advances have taken on the Internet of Things. This continues to impact many of our everyday appliances and home systems with improvements and upgrades that make use of smart technology. Have you heard about the refrigerator that sends you a text message telling you to buy milk on your way home? Hold on to your hat! Things are changing even the simplest tasks for homeowners.

IoT is becoming an important component of infrastructure maintenance in several industries across the world. Many are fitting their main and auxiliary water lines and sewer systems with sensors that identify structural weaknesses and target repairs before significant damage occurs. IoT is ultimately going to save utilities and end-users a lot of effort and money. But how does the IoT relate to your home’s plumbing? Here are some ways smart home plumbing is changing user experiences.

Smart plumbing: You can consider installing smart sensors that use collected data to recommend ways to use less water and save on your bill. These sensors can also detect leaking pipes, which can prevent water damage. (CNet, 2020) Few of the new generation sensors even provide alerts to potential problems that could lead to future systemic issues.

Smart Pipes: When smart homes are built from the ground-up, smart pipes are a very good option. They come in dozens of different variations, but the basic idea is pipes embedded with IoT technology that connects directly to your phone. They can save water, detect leaks, and even tell you when there’s a filtration issue.

Smart irrigation: You can consider installing smart irrigation, these sensors can turn off drip or watering systems when it rains, change the amount or the days to run when the seasons change, along with some great features. (StackPath, 2020)

LED Temperature Monitors: Plumbing fixtures are getting an upgrade, too, and smart versions often come equipped with LED temperature monitors to let you know when the water’s reached your desired temp. A great choice for homes with small children that might otherwise burn themselves.

Smart water heater: You can even set a smart water heater to turn off at bedtime since you don’t need hot water when asleep. Instead, you can set it to start warming up the water for morning showers. You can also adjust the temperature remotely if you’re on vacation, or home is empty.

One more thing about smart water heaters is, it’s not limited to the end-user. This connectivity can allow service contractors to monitor the water heater and inform homeowners when it isn’t operating optimally.

The contractor can also use connected water heater diagnostics to know what is wrong with the water heater before they arrive at the customer’s home, making service calls faster and more efficient. From the manufacturer’s perspective, a connected water heater allows them to understand more about the products they design and how they operate in homes under real conditions.


How do you add smart devices to your upcoming new construction or renovation? First, do your research. There are varying levels of smart water technology systems on the market right now. Some are designed for the DIY homeowner, while others are specifically for the professional plumber. (Thoughtworks, 2016)

So, if you’re ready and made up your mind, seize the opportunity, and stay one step ahead of maintenance issues and in control of water use.

Smart device information is invaluable for new product research and development. The possibilities here are new and evolving, and the future is not yet fully understood, but connectivity sets the groundwork for significant future innovation.


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