Under Slab Foundation Pipe Leak

The foundation you choose for your new home boils down to personal preference and budget. A slab foundation is a household choice in most parts of the US, especially in Houston as it requires the least amount of lot prep to begin building. 

By definition, a home’s foundation is the load-bearing portion of the structure, typically built below ground. Concrete slabs are widely built in Houston owing to the high-water table and the unstable nature of the soil. While the relative advantages are pretty clear and beneficial in the long run, it also comes with its own set of plumbing issues which may pose potential threat and damage. An under slab foundation pipe leak is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. 

It is important to detect these leaks at an early stage, but knowing if you have an under slab foundation pipe leak requires a plumbing expert. Here are some clues that your home is experiencing a leak:

  • An unexpected increase in water bills
  • Visible foundation cracks
  • Abrupt growth of foundation plants
  • Visible spots on the slab floors
  • Discolored flooring/grout in tiles
  • Shifting of soil near the house

Why is an under slab foundation pipe leak a common phenomenon in Houston?

The primary reason for slab leaks in Houston is its soil type. The soil here is potent with clay content which makes it sensitive to moisture variations. Therefore, when water trickles down in the soil, it erodes the soil which supports the foundation. In extreme situations, it may also lead to major structural damage to the foundation including cracking and sinking. One of the sources for flooding underneath can be from cracked sewer lines which are sometimes hard to locate. 

Failure of the slabs also results in breakage of plumbing lines. It then becomes critical to find the source quickly and repair with the latest equipment and proven long-term solutions. 

TDT Plumbing pioneers under slab foundation leak detection and restoring using the ePIPE (an epoxy coating), CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) and Picote Pipe Coating technologies. We are pipe forensic specialists and will find the best most economical solution using one or more of these methods. Years of experience of dealing with Houston homes have given us an edge in the market. These technologies enable us the expertise to fix leaks without having to cut through the slab which is very expensive. Our technologically advanced methodologies help in curing the problems without digging.

Think you may have an under slab foundation pipe leak? We suggest an immediate inspection to detect leaks and to curb unnecessary high-water bills, potential home destruction and also save money with the repair and restoration process. 

Call TDT Plumbing today (713) 697-2088 for a video inspection of your underground lines and a plan of action that will prevent demolition and repair work of structural foundations, driveways, and walkways. Repairs to our homes are traumatic enough; we’ll make the experience quick and easy.