Benefits of Repiping with PEX are not always self-evident. We don’t usually get much warning when pipes start to fail and leak. The common solution is to simply repair or replace the sections of the pipe causing the most trouble. However, a complete repipe can save both time and money in the long run.

Most of us are rather good about doing maintenance on our homes, but water and sewer pipes are hidden and there is no real protocol for maintaining them. We often just wait until there is a problem. Pipes do a lot of work such as moving hot and cold water between the water heater and the rest of your home. They also pump in clean water and remove waste from the house to a sewer or septic system.

When a pipe becomes damaged, you may choose to repair or replace just that pipe. However, older pipes may be developing problems you can’t see. Repiping is a substantial cost and most homeowners wait until they have multiple system failures to address the underlying problems. It is a commitment we understand comes with choices. Do you want a quick fix, a cheap fix, or a long-term fix? Each of these repipe scenarios come with different costs, duration, and repair work. How can you know which is the best solution?

When Should I Consider Repiping My Home?

The best time to consider a full repipe is when you have old metal (such as galvanized iron) or polybutylene (poly) piping. These are more prone to leaks and may also contaminate your drinking water. Galvanized pipes often leach lead into our drinking water which is unsafe. Depending on when your house was constructed can give you a good idea of what kind of pipe you have. It is best to know to have peace of mind and to protect your family’s health.

Repiping can also be a proactive move to upgrade pipes that are more than 20+ years old. Repiping is sometimes an opportunity while remodeling, as you will be exposing the water system, making it the perfect time to replace the old pipes.

Repiping can solve several plumbing issues, including:

  • Low water pressure
  • Temperature fluctuations in sinks and baths when you flush the toilet
  • Leaks
  • Rusty or yellow water

Vic Caso - Repiping Specialist

Vic Caso Repiping Specialist

Benefits of PEX

Due to its high flexibility, PEX can be coiled during shipping. This allows larger quantities to be shipped at a reduced cost. Each coil provides a long pipe which can be bent to bent to 90 angles with bend supports. This saves a lot of time and money while reducing the risk of joint leaks.

PEX is resistant to corrosion, scaling, and freezing. It doesn’t transfer heat, doesn’t require welding, and may be connected in a number of ways. Some of these connection methods include copper crimp rings, stainless steel clamps (SSCs), compression, expansion, and push-fittings.

It benefits you enormously to have pipes that are built to last and that function optimally for life. At TDT, we guarantee our re-pipe workmanship with the standard one-year workmanship warranty, and PEX pipe manufacturer, Uponor provides the manufacturer’s material warranty of 25 years.  A winning combination for the homeowner.

When You Are Ready to Repipe

TDT Plumbing offers a variety of plumbing restoration options for home and business. PEX Repiping is one choice – but there are others that do an even better job of protecting your home. We believe in giving you options. That’s why we provide both a PEX Repiping estimate and are able to compare it with other alternatives. When thinking about doing a PEX Repipe in your home, call TDT Plumbing for a free estimate. (713) 697-2088

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