PEX Pipe Repipe

Homeowners are always going to face plumbing issues. It’s inevitable. But sometimes, a simple repair isn’t enough. Fixing pipe leak after pipe leak can be daunting. Eventually, you may need to have your entire home repiped. A complete home repipe sounds like a huge job, but homeowners don’t need to be intimidated. In this article,… Read more about PEX Pipe Repipe

PEX Repiping vs Traditional Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing has evolved. TDT Plumbers often find galvanized steel, copper, PVC, or a mix of these pipes in homes when investigating leaks. A tubing called “cross-linked polyethylene,” or PEX is an increasingly popular repiping option. While each type of pipe has unique benefits, PEX has properties that the others don’t. PEX Repiping Flexibility PEX is… Read more about PEX Repiping vs Traditional Plumbing Pipes