PEX Pipe vs Traditional Pipes: TDT Offers BothPlumbing has evolved. TDT Plumbers often find galvanized steel, copper, PVC, or a mix of these pipes in homes when investigating leaks. A tubing called “cross-linked polyethylene,” or PEX is an increasingly popular repiping option. While each type of pipe has unique benefits, PEX has properties that the others don’t.

PEX Repiping Flexibility

PEX is made from a flexible material that is extremely resilient. While traditional pipes go either vertical or horizontal, PEX has the ability to bend and curve. Its flexibility is one of the traits that makes it an attractive repiping option. Instead of adding elbows and other fittings that could introduce a weak spot in a line, TDT Plumbing PEX Repiping specialists feed PEX around corners with simple bends. Having that ability can make repiping go more quickly and save money. Having one continuous line without connectors, adapters, and elbows also eliminates many of the places where future leaks might occur.

PEX Repiping Durability

One thing about PEX…it’s one tough tube. It’s not susceptible to corrosion, scaling, or deposits. The durable polyethylene used in making PEX can stand up to high pressure and low temperatures. During cold weather, PEX can expand up to 15% without bursting. PEX also does a great job of preventing heat transfer. Where pipes like copper can allow heat to escape, PEX keeps heat in helping lower your energy costs.

PEX Repiping Affordability

Because of the ease of installation and the ability to complete a connection with one continuous line, PEX has proven to be an amazingly cost-effective TDT Plumbing repiping option. Labor costs are reduced since the installation can be done so efficiently. Where costs in materials like copper have gone up substantially over the years, PEX is about 25% less than alternatives. The longevity of PEX also contributes to cost savings. The lifespan of PEX is upwards of 50 years.

Because of the smooth, continuous line, when PEX is used for water, we often see much better water pressure. PEX also tends to be quieter and connections don’t require chemicals, solvents, or soldering. That means PEX completely eliminates lead from the inlet to the faucet.
While PEX is becoming more and more popular in the United States, it has been in use for around 30 years in other countries. PEX has a great track record of being durable, and reliable.

Trust TDT Plumbing for PEX Repiping

That’s what makes PEX one of our most popular repiping options at TDT Plumbing. Our PEX repiping specialists bring experience gained across hundreds of repiping projects for homes, businesses and large industrial applications. Call us at (713) 697-2088 to learn about your repiping options, including PEX for your home or business.