Innovative Plumbing Technologies

A frustrating and worrisome problem that many homeowners are experiencing or will experience is the deterioration of their home’s domestic water plumbing system. If anybody has ever experienced the damage a single pinhole leak can create, especially if it has been leaking for a couple of days or in some cases a couple of weeks… Read more about Innovative Plumbing Technologies

City of San Antonio Approves TDT’s In-Place-Pipe Restoration

Houston, TX July 5th 2011 – TDT Plumbing / ACE DURAFLo® receive approval from the city of San Antonio to utilize the 21st century “In-Place-Pipe” Restoration technology. This “Green Plumbing” technology is used all over the United States and other countries worldwide. The great thing about the Epoxy Barrier Coating process is that it allows… Read more about City of San Antonio Approves TDT’s In-Place-Pipe Restoration

Considering buying older home?

The excitement of owing that 1st new home is exhilarating to say the least. But in some cases that exhilaration can turn into a plumbing nightmare. To avoid this we recommend a thorough investigation of the plumbing system by a certified home inspector and/or plumbing company. For the sanitary sewer drain system, we recommend a… Read more about Considering buying older home?