Blatchley Middle School

Project Type: Municipal — Schools and Universities — Pipe Restoration Location: Sitka, AK Description: Blatchley Middle School had a failing piping system. The local water supply was low in Ph, making the water corrosive to copper pipe. Pipe restoration was the answer. In less than 2 weeks from start to finish the domestic water system… Read more about Blatchley Middle School

Admiral Farragut Academy

Project Type: Municipal — Schools & Universities – Pipe Restoration — Epoxy Coated Location: St. Petersburg, FL Description: Admiral Farragut Academy’s 80-year old facility was experiencing system-wide plumbing failures in the hot and cold potable lines. TDT completely restored the water supply mains, risers and branch lines for the atrium style, 90-room facility while allowing… Read more about Admiral Farragut Academy

San Antonio TX Home

Project Type: Residential — Pipe Restoration Location: San Antonio, TX Description: A San Antonio vintage homeowner with state-of-the-art galvanized piping for its day, was in desperate need of pipe restoration. The homeowner’s drinking water showed high iron content and measurable levels of lead. After the ACE DuraFlo® pipe restoration process was completed; a water sample… Read more about San Antonio TX Home

Swiney Park

Project Type: Municipal — Parks — Pipe Restoration Location: Houston, TX Description: Swiney Park is a City of Houston public recreation park targeted for renovation. The Park was undergoing scheduled renovations when contractors discovered the failing sewer drain line. The general contractor, Stuart Builders, required an alternative repair solution to complete this project on time… Read more about Swiney Park

San Jacinto Monument and State Historic Site

Project Type: Municipal — Parks — San Jacinto Monument Location: Houston, TX Description: The San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site holds a significant responsibility to preserve the proud history of the State of Texas and the United States. The famous Battle of San Jacinto that brought Texas its independence was fought on this site. The… Read more about San Jacinto Monument and State Historic Site

British Petroleum Oil and Gas Production Platform

Project Type: Industrial — Offshore Platform – Pipe Restoration Location: Houston, TX Description: The stainless steel pipes on the Atlantis, a British Petroleum oil and gas production platform in the Gulf of Mexico, developed pinhole leaks just a few years into operation. Offshore platforms are treated as marine vessels with marine regulations and any fixes… Read more about British Petroleum Oil and Gas Production Platform

SPJST Museum and Library

Project Type: Municipal — Museums and Libraries — Pipe Restoration Location: Temple, TX Description: The SPJST Museum and Library, located in Temple, TX, is a repository of history and artifacts from American Czech communities. Approximately 80 linear feet of 6†sewer drain line under the property had failed. The failing pipe’s contents was backing up… Read more about SPJST Museum and Library