Texas Water Quality Crisis

Water is a precious resource that’s valuable and necessary in our everyday lives. It is a basic need, and the importance of water quality cannot be overstated. The Texas water quality crisis varies by city, and the current water quality in Texas is a significant concern for all of us. A big question on our… Read more about Texas Water Quality Crisis

Clean Water Initiatives Fund $55 Billion Via BIL 2021

Clean Water Initiatives Fund $55 Billion Via BIL 2021. In early November 2021, Congress passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). This is the single most significant and one-of-a-kind investment in water infrastructure that the federal government has ever made. According to the statement by Administrator Regan, the President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal makes historic investments in… Read more about Clean Water Initiatives Fund $55 Billion Via BIL 2021

Older Home Plumbing Problems

  What You Need to Know When Buying an Older Home A well-kept older home is visually appealing. With historical features, these homes can be charming and alluring. However, there could be a whole range of repairs behind the facade of older homes that need your attention.  One of the most common complaints in older… Read more about Older Home Plumbing Problems

Houston Water Conservation

Nearly half the country is experiencing moderate to exceptional drought conditions, and it’s expected these conditions will continue to expand.